Day 146: Sink a tin foil boat

January 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

Tonight Steph was telling me how when she was younger she used to do this experiment in school where you make a boat of out tin foil and  see how many pennies you can place in it before it sinks. Because I had never done this before, I thought it might be a fun idea for a blog entry. I made it into a contest – the loser had to take out the garbage, which contained half a pack of raw chicken feet.

I was blinded by my arrogance. I should have known better than to go head-to-head with an engineer.

This is my boat. Note it actually looks like a boat. I modeled it after your typical rowboat, which I thought made it aesthetically attractive. I realize that from this angle it just looks like a  crumpled ball of tin foil, but trust me, it was beautiful.

My boat sunk after 17 pennies. I was pretty proud of that. It seemed like a substantial number. Then Stephanie made her boat.

Note it looks more like an aircraft carrier or floating tray than an actual boat. I thought we were just doing a fun experiment. I hadn’t realized she would be using the law of buoyancy and calculating weight distribution in her head.

We ran out of pennies after 49. Then I angrily sunk her boat and took out the trash.



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