Day 358: Finish with Abroad View

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Abroad View magazine:  the only student-focused publication that offers fresh and practical stories about living and learning overseas.

This is the project I have been working on for the past three months with a team of 16 peers – revitalizing a magazine for study abroad students, from initial conception and audience research to the development of a fully functioning online prototype, media kit and business plan. We even accrued over 1000 Twitter followers. I was Manager of Audience Engagement and Social Media. Yesterday we gave our final presentation to an audience of 60 people, including the dean, plus had over 30 viewers watch our live web stream. Today, at a celebratory brunch, we savored the fact that we created an entire magazine in such a short period of time. It was a hell of a ride.

Check out our work at, and read the feature I wrote for the homepage about American students pretending to be from Canada while abroad.

Below is a story I wrote about Salzburg, Austria for the media kit. Check the professional layout – it really looks incredible. Congrats to everyone on such an awesome achievement and a job well done.


Day 357: Get a Master’s Degree

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Day 356: Eat a Chicago-dog

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Herm’s Palace in Skokie








NO KETCHUP (oh the agony…)

Why the hell did it take me so long?

Day 355: Walk into Lake Michigan

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Between two toes.

Checked another major item off of my Chicago bucket list today: wading into Lake Michigan. It marks the beginning of the last 10 days of the Novice du Jour.

You have to pay up the nose ($8!) for access to most beaches in Evanston – a fact that, as an Oregonian who has free reign of the most beautiful beaches in the world, blows my mind – so I walked up to a beach on the north side of campus and used my student ID to get in for free. It’s bizarre to think that’ll only be valid for a few more days. I packed a tuna salad sandwich for dinner, and ate it on the beach while watching the tide come in. Or out. I couldn’t really tell, but it really does look like an ocean. The only other person on the beach was a lifeguard, who definitely thought I was a creeper or a crazy person as I made this following video.

I tried to be artsy to lend it some sort of emotional weight. Be warned – it’s almost more embarrassing than the Shake Weight or ‘All the Single Ladies’.

Day 354: Forget my credit card

August 22, 2011 § 1 Comment

I was out last night until 4am, celebrating the last weekend of graduate school. When I woke up this morning my credit card was missing.

At around 2:30am I shepherded a herd of my friends out of the crowded bar, which was filled to the brim with hipsters and yuppies, over to a 24-hour diner, The Golden Apple. It turns out that in my excited fervor at the thought of breakfast food, I somehow forgot that I had a tab open. Well the bar didn’t officially open until 6pm today and they wouldn’t answer their phone, so I had to spend a good chunk of my evening riding on the train for 45 minutes and walking the additional 20 minutes to get there, then turning around and coming back. Which was not the most fun way to spend a Sunday evening, but at least I got my card back.

It should also be noted that the cliental I ran into today at the bar, at 6pm on a Sunday, were a lot different than the crowd from last night. An Andre-the-Giant-sized man with a silver ponytail, handlebar mustache, sunglasses, and a shirt that read “I’m not a proctologist but I know an asshole when I see one” eyed me up and down from behind his newspaper while the bartender went to look for my card. And while last night’s bartenders were young men and women with plaid shirts and smiles, the guy manning the booze today had long, stringy hair, missing teeth, and was complaining to the non-proctologist about the burden of having to pay child support.

Must be quite the bar to attract such a diverse crowd.



Day 353: Get under Marilyn Monroe’s dress

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There is a giant Marilyn Monroe sculpture on North Michigan Avenue.

The sculpture must be about three stories tall, and Marilyn is in the pose made famous by her role in “The Seven Year Itch.” I guess she’s going to hang out there on on the plaza outside of the Tribune Tower through next spring, though I don’t quite understand why she is being featured. She’s not exactly dressed for winter. A swarm of tourists milled around her though, snapping pictures up her dress. I’m not entirely sure if the sculpture is child appropriate, but her billowing dress could definitely offer shelter during a rain storm.

Day 352: Drink with The Donald

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Had drinks tonight on the 16th floor of the glitzy, glamorous, second-tallest building in Chicago. Despite the deceiving picture above, I didn’t actually hang out with The Donald, but I did burn a small to medium-sized hole in my wallet on expensive drinks. There was an eclectic crowd, with about half in short dresses or suits, and the other half in sweat pants or hockey jerseys. It took a while, but we scored a table out on the patio, where I was able to take a photo. It was a beautiful night.

I felt like one of the city’s movers and shakers. Or a touristy phony. Regardless, you really don’t want to see me shake.