Day 355: Walk into Lake Michigan

August 23, 2011 § Leave a comment

Between two toes.

Checked another major item off of my Chicago bucket list today: wading into Lake Michigan. It marks the beginning of the last 10 days of the Novice du Jour.

You have to pay up the nose ($8!) for access to most beaches in Evanston – a fact that, as an Oregonian who has free reign of the most beautiful beaches in the world, blows my mind – so I walked up to a beach on the north side of campus and used my student ID to get in for free. It’s bizarre to think that’ll only be valid for a few more days. I packed a tuna salad sandwich for dinner, and ate it on the beach while watching the tide come in. Or out. I couldn’t really tell, but it really does look like an ocean. The only other person on the beach was a lifeguard, who definitely thought I was a creeper or a crazy person as I made this following video.

I tried to be artsy to lend it some sort of emotional weight. Be warned – it’s almost more embarrassing than the Shake Weight or ‘All the Single Ladies’.


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