Day 354: Forget my credit card

August 22, 2011 § 1 Comment

I was out last night until 4am, celebrating the last weekend of graduate school. When I woke up this morning my credit card was missing.

At around 2:30am I shepherded a herd of my friends out of the crowded bar, which was filled to the brim with hipsters and yuppies, over to a 24-hour diner, The Golden Apple. It turns out that in my excited fervor at the thought of breakfast food, I somehow forgot that I had a tab open. Well the bar didn’t officially open until 6pm today and they wouldn’t answer their phone, so I had to spend a good chunk of my evening riding on the train for 45 minutes and walking the additional 20 minutes to get there, then turning around and coming back. Which was not the most fun way to spend a Sunday evening, but at least I got my card back.

It should also be noted that the cliental I ran into today at the bar, at 6pm on a Sunday, were a lot different than the crowd from last night. An Andre-the-Giant-sized man with a silver ponytail, handlebar mustache, sunglasses, and a shirt that read “I’m not a proctologist but I know an asshole when I see one” eyed me up and down from behind his newspaper while the bartender went to look for my card. And while last night’s bartenders were young men and women with plaid shirts and smiles, the guy manning the booze today had long, stringy hair, missing teeth, and was complaining to the non-proctologist about the burden of having to pay child support.

Must be quite the bar to attract such a diverse crowd.




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