Day 351: Move into the new place

August 19, 2011 § Leave a comment

Like some sort of other-worldly miracle, both moving trucks – one from Portland, one from Chicago – converged on our new apartment in Cincinnati today. I feel like there’s something rather emasculating about watching professional movers carry around boxes of your possessions, but I guess if I’m not the one paying for it then I can’t really complain. All would’ve been right for the world, if not for the fact that the apartment was a sty. I feel like I know a thing or two about running apartments, and I was under the impression that it’s a landlord’s responsibility to make sure a place is clean before new tenants move in. Turns out that isn’t always the case, and the last tenants somehow managed to dirty up the wood floors enough to die the bottoms of your feet black, and soap scum up the clear glass shower into an opaque swirl. A cleaning crew is scheduled for tomorrow morning, however, and after that we can put things in place and turn our attention toward more important matters, like a new couch or armoire. The pictures from my last post about the new place had incredibly poor lighting, so I wanted to provide some more vibrant photos. The one at the top is of the dining area.

Living room space.

Upstairs bedroom and bath.

By the way, everything I said above is entirely second-hand, transcribed from Stephanie’s texts and phone calls. I’m still in Evanston, waging war with my last few days of school while she and her mom tackle Mt. Lookout, Ohio. I wish I could be there to help…but on the bright side, I get all the benefits of moving into a fully furnished apartment without the hassle of unpacking.

So no complaining on this end.


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