Day 350: Eat ketchup salad

August 17, 2011 § 2 Comments

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Tonight’s desperate measure just happens to be a bowl of lettuce drenched in ketchup.

I’ve long labored under the fantasy that foods I like by themselves will taste exponentially better when mixed together. Now, with Stephanie gone to Cincinnati, I’ve been tasked with cleaning out the refrigerator. That means keeping food from going to waste, and tonight, a bag of sandwich lettuce was on its last legs. The remaining Ranch dressing in the fridge had expired, so I was forced to be creative. And then I saw the ketchup.

Salty, tangy, tomatoey – ketchup is the perfect condiment because it really can go with anything. It all started as a child when my Aunt Angela taught me to dump it on my macaroni and cheese (which is delicious, by the way), and my dad showed me how a cup of ketchup and a tablespoon of mayo can bring a dull carton of french fries to life. I figured, I like how lettuce and ketchup taste on a burger, so why would they not create heaven in a bowl?

And it was a success. Now let’s see what other combos I can come up with.


§ 2 Responses to Day 350: Eat ketchup salad

  • Kenny Hughes says:

    You disgust me. How dare you destroy a perfectly good bowl of Macaroni and Cheese with your filth!

  • Kim says:

    Last night for dinner I marinaded some chicken. Then your dad grilled it, slathered it in ketchup and told me how good it was marinaded… Like father, like son.

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