Day 336: Eat pig feet

August 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

Pickled bacon fat encased in petroleum jelly.

That’s how I would describe the pig foot I ate tonight, which Stephanie’s Grandma Carrol sent back from Portland for me to try for the blog. Carrol said that she used to really like them as a child, but hadn’t tried one in years. So, in honor of her donation to the Novice du Jour, tonight I plucked one out and popped it in my mouth. The gelatinous texture had my stomach rolling before I even began to chew. The meat seemed to fall apart upon fork-contact. Not in a good way, like pulled pork, but in a brittle way, like when you snap a frozen green bean in half. Except it was warm and soft. I could even visibly see the layer of skin that wrapped around that little hog’s shin down to his toes. Oh, and it was only semi-boneless, so I had to pick a few bone chips from my teeth.

Pigs feet may no longer be a part of the typical American diet, but in my opinion, the only thing we’ve been missing out on is indigestion.



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