Day 332: Make a No Job/No Shave vow

July 31, 2011 § 1 Comment

You heard it here first: I vow not to shave until I have a job.

Well, a job interview. I’m not going into any big meeting looking like a  yuppie lumberjack.

I’ve spent the past week polishing up my resume, piecing together cover letters and scouting the Cincinnati market. There are four weeks left until I’m done at Medill. It’s time to put that master’s degree to good use. Maybe vowing not to shave will act as some sort of inspiration, though it’s not like I need much motivation beyond those impending student loan payments. Who knows though – times are tough. SO, I’ll trim the whiskers every so often to keep them looking like a man-shaped topiary, but other than that, I’m giving them free reign. Like a Chia pet.

So, to all you out there, chaetophobics and otherwise, wish me luck.


§ One Response to Day 332: Make a No Job/No Shave vow

  • conoreifler says:

    Plus, when you do line up an interview taking that time to shave will add that extra sense of preparing yourself to make you feel all cool and on top of things. That’s been my experience anyway.

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