Day 326: Party like it’s 30 Rock

July 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

30 Rock·o·philia (THUR-tee RAWK-oh-feel-ya)


A condition in which an individual has a strong longing to watch or obsessive need to quote the critically acclaimed NBC hit show 30 Rock

My name is Tyler and I am a stage three 30 Rockophile. That’s why some friends and I oragnized a 30 Rock party on Saturday evening that extended into the wee hours of Sunday morning. I came to the party dressed as endearing dummy and ex-Liz Lemon love Dennis Duffy, complete with a chain and faux bowling shirt.  We began the evening at a friend’s apartment, drinking Four Loco out of stemless wine glasses and honing to perfection our Jack Donaghy impressions. At about 10pm we rolled out to Tina Fey’s favorite 24-hour Chicago diner, the Golden Apple, where I ordered the Hobo Skillet as an homage to Tina. See her talk about the dish in this video. The manager, who was eating at a nearby table, unabashedly bragged about the diner’s celebrity guests. Unfortunately for us, the only other occupied table housed a roly-poly, not-so-jolly little woman who was almost booted from the restaurant after releasing a string of loud expletives (She blamed them on “being Italian”). We then meandered back to my friend’s place, where we watched our favorite episodes of the show on instant Netflix streaming, inventing a customized drinking game for each.

Example: In season one, episode twelve titled “Black-Tie,” we took a drink every time Liz spoke German and every time Jack referenced an old sexual fling. It was a completely ridiculous, nerdy, somewhat pathetic but thoroughly awesome evening. I leave you with this Best of Liz Lemon video from youtube. It’s almost 10 minutes long, but worth every second.


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