Day 325: Sit in front of a criminal

July 24, 2011 § Leave a comment

This will be the last post I ever make about the L.

The commuter train has provided countless stories for this blog, from allowing me to conduct social experiments to providing witness to people puking and peeing off of it. Well what I saw tonight trumped them all. As a couple of friends and I headed toward downtown on the Red Line this evening, we acquired some interesting travel companions at the Lawrence stop. We’re sitting there talking when two men in plain clothes – one in a backwards cap and the other in a Cubs t-shirt – march in a guy with handcuffs and shove him into the seat behind me. This made me a bit apprehensive, as I’ve seen ‘No Country for Old Men,’ but I played it cool and stayed put. I tried to hypothesize what this guy could’ve done. Was it a drug bust? Were these guys in plain clothes even cops? Why don’t they have a police car? Maybe he was soliciting or gambling, something the automated CTA recording vigorously preaches against. I didn’t have time to get too carried away with my imagination before we approached the Addison stop and the guy with the backwards had hauled his hand-cuffed victim off of the train. Disembarking in Wrigleyville…maybe he was taking him to a Cubs game? Then they were gone and we returned to our former conversation.

I’ll never know what exactly happened tonight, but it certainly puts a cherry on top of a CTA sundae piled high with bizarre stories of suspense and intrigue on Chicago’s public transit.

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