Day 324: Eat rotten food

July 23, 2011 § Leave a comment

I’ve been eating a steady diet of rotten food.

Not because it tastes good. I just don’t know it’s gone bad.

See, the Midwest has terrible produce. It’s shipped long distances, which means it expires quickly. And after my big case of spinach from the local Jewel-Osco was slimy after only a day, I also realized that the temperature gauge on my refrigerator was only set at 1, which certainly wasn’t helping. No wonder I’ve been drinking lukewarm beer for the past nine months. So I turned up the temp and now the fridge just freezes everything. I’ve eaten frozen salad, frozen carrots in my lunch, frozen milk chunks in my cereal. I think the spinach I have in there now went bad a few days ago. But I’m not sure. Frozen, it just tastes like mush. It’s also saving me money. With this system, nothing goes to waste. You too can make your fridge a freezer.

Bon crappetit!


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