Day 321: Present our new home

July 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

Last night I posted my very own version of House Hunters: Cincinnati.

There were four options: The Little Stinker, The Time Warp, The Split-Level Loft and the CincItalian Villa. I presented some of the pros and cons of each, and I did it in such a way that our decision seemed (relatively) ambiguous. In some ways it was unfair to ask, as I never explicitly stated our criteria. These were the three key factors:

  1. Interior (Square footage, condition, floors, counter tops, etc.)
  2. Location
  3. Cost (I realize I didn’t include prices)

Now, without further ado, the winner is…

Split-Level Loft

It is the best combination: excellent location, wood floors, lots of space, granite counter tops and great price. The walls are painted in interesting colors, and it even allows pets, which means we’re considering getting a dog. Admittedly, the laundry situation isn’t great, but I can handle a few stairs. We’re not big fans of how the building looks on the outside, but you only ever see it for a couple minutes each day when coming or going. The inside is much more important. Furthermore, the unit has a huge guest room. So all of you can come visit.

Fatal Flaws:

  • The Little StinkerPrice and size. It had so many rooms that they would be difficult to fill, and some were strangely shaped. Also, living in a house like this seemed a little bit too suburban for a young couple. And the smell didn’t help.
  • The Time WarpNo one guessed this option. Which means I’m assuming you all saw the upstairs carpet. Gross.
  • The CincItalian Villa – Location was just way too isolated. I wanted to be somewhat within walking distance of shops and restaurants. It also suffered from the same suburban issue as The Little Stinker.



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