Day 320: Home-hunt in Cincinnati

July 18, 2011 § 1 Comment

A deposit was made today on the next chapter of my life.

After being taken to seven different rentals on Saturday, we officially put money down this morning. Now we play House Hunters: Cincinnati. I’m going to show some pictures of the different places we checked out, and then you can guess which one we chose. I’ll reveal the answer in tomorrow’s post.

Option 1) Little Stinker

Stucco exterior with blue trim. Seasonal plants run wild in the front yard. Pretty, but may require upkeep. Wood walkway to door makes it feel like a beach house. It has a lot of rooms, but some of them are really oddly shaped. Carpets are a bit dirty.

Ugly floral furniture and empty walls make it hard to envision a more modern living room. Also, the first floor smells like cat litter.

But bright colors in the kitchen lend personality, along with dangling light fixtures and stainless steel appliances. House is in walking distance to the local downtown area, Hyde Park Square.

Option 2: The Time Warp

Looks quaint from the outside. Through the wind door is a large sun porch. For some reason, the living room is converted into an ultra-modern, Asian-fusion entryway. Walls are lined with oddly shaped mirrors and wood benches. Function of the room is not clear, unless it’s just to sit and stare at reflections. Also has…

Tiled bathroom, filled with dark wood…

and a huge, beautiful kitchen. But then you go upstairs…

Where you enter the 70’s,

Complete with vomit-inducing green carpet and slanted ceilings. Oh! and the only bathroom in the entire place is on the first floor. House is within walking distance of a strip mall. Which can be noted as both a pro and con.

Option 3: Split-Level Loft

Outside doesn’t look spectacular. Gutter is hanging off the side of the house, and exposed wiring is pretty ugly. Enter the door on the far left and you immediately go up a flight of stairs. The available apartment is on the second and third floors.

Sorry the picture is so dark, but this is a photo of the unit’s upstairs loft. The entire place is 1600 square feet and all wood floors. The first level has a big, open living room/dining room that opens up into a kitchen with tile floors and granite countertops. Appliances are not stainless steel, but still pretty new. There is a large deck, but it is in serious need of refinishing and repair. Also has an office and sizeable guest room.

Third-floor loft serves as one giant master bedroom,

Which opens into a bathroom that also has granite and dark wood. House is in walking distance to local downtown, Mt. Lookout Square. Major downside: washer and dryer are down three flights of stairs, in the basement shared with the neighbors.

4) CincItalian Villa

On the outskirts of town, a little yellow house on a hill. Hard wood floors run throughout downstairs, and new carpet upstairs. Also has a large backyard.

Kitchen looks like a little Italian cafe, with exposed brick and rustic cupboards. Ambience is complemented by a wood-vaulted ceiling. Major downsides include the living room, which is stark and seems out of place when compared to the rest of the house. House location is also relatively isolated. There isn’t much of anything nearby.

Now time to place your bets. Which option will it be? Pick now, find out tomorrow (Tuesday) night.


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