Day 315: Win bar trivia

July 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

It was the first time I had ever done bar trivia, and I took it seriously. Unfortunately, my team didn’t actually win. But our friends did, and they shared the spoils by paying off our bar tab.

Below is a picture of my buddy, trivia-master Carten, hoisting up his victory belt and staring down the Jacksons.

Trivia categories included history and TV themes songs, which I did okay with, and reality shows and sports movies, at which I invariably sucked.

We played at the Cona Lounge off of the Belmont stop, and when our friends won, the bar tried to cut their prize money in half, despite the fact that all their signs had advertized $200. You stay classy Cona Lounge.

But the trivia itself was a blast. Now if only I can find a bar that offers a Seinfeld category. I’d have the game in the bag.

Q: What kind of pasta does Kramer use to sculpt a model of Jerry?

A: Fusilli.


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