Day 307: Leverage Twitter to get a flight voucher

July 6, 2011 § Leave a comment

Blown out ankle yesterday meant navigating the airport on crutches today. As you may imagine, it’s pretty difficult to drag around a carry on while crutching around, so I decided to see if they’d check my small suitcase.

On Delta, you get your first bag free if you’re an Elite Member. My dad is one, was with me, and the ticket had been bought through him, but because he wasn’t flying, the attendant insisted we pay. No sympathy, no cripple clause for publicity purposes. When I complained about the unexpected cost, she went off about her own expenses and how she had to park in a $24 parking garage this morning because she was late to work. She may want to consider a career in which she doesn’t have to interact with customers.

So, after paying the fees, dragging my bag over to the drop off point and passing through security, I took full advantage of the free wifi at PDX by sending out the following Tweet:

Minutes later I got this response:

So I sent my confirmation info and they made me the following offer (Read from the bottom up):

My attempt to squeeze a first class upgrade out of them failed, but they did gave me a $25 flight voucher and a seat in the bulkhead. Not that $25 is a real big discount on an airline ticket, but the fact that they responded at all is pretty awesome. Then they Tweeted the following to let the world know they addressed my complaint, as an apparent PR maneuver:

Takeaway lesson: Social media/whining on Twitter is power.


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