Day 302: Be kidnapped

July 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

Ever wondered what it feels like to be bound, blindfolded and driven around in the trunk of a car?

Me neither. But now I know.

It was a kidnapping simulation. Kevin’s idea. We went down to the parking garage, where this experiment was to take place, and ended up having to wait awkwardly by the car for ten minutes as a family very slowly emptied groceries from their white Honda Civic.

As soon as they went inside I suited up. Towel over the eyes and shoelaces binding the hands. Then Kevin pushed me in the trunk, slammed it and revved up the engine. Three laps around the garage – sharp turns and speed bumps included. I was flung left and right, up and down. With all the heavy breathing in that confined space, it heated up fast.

Despite careening around the trunk like a pinball, it was relatively comfortable. I even was able to doze a little bit by putting my head on a stack of reusable grocery bags. Admittedly, I can’t vouch for what a real kidnapping would be like with a car driving at high speeds out on the actual streets, but after my own experience, I can’t help but wonder if they’re just getting a bad rap.


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