Day 301: Be kissed by a man

June 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

Our friend, Kevin Lockwood, is a big fan of my blog. So much so, in fact, that he’s taken it upon himself to use the week he’s spent visiting us to brainstorm a vast array of ideas that can pepper my daily schedule for the remaining 55 days of the Novice du Jour.

He was so committed to the project that tonight he led a covert operation to plant on me a kiss, with the idea that it would most certainly be a unique experience for me to report. He was correct in this assumption.

One minute I was hanging up some khaki shorts in the closet and Kevin was talking with Stephanie on the bed, the next minute he was planting a wet one right on my lips. The scruffy facial hair that tickled my chin was kind of gross. I can now see why most women prefer a whisker-free face.  If I were his girlfriend, I might petition for an upcoming shave.

Outside of the beard, it didn’t feel particularly more outrageous than any kiss I might receive from Stephanie, though his lips weren’t quite as soft. His seduction methods were also a little aggressive for my taste. If I have to be kissed by a man, I’d at least like to be thoroughly wooed. I really didn’t get much time for the smooch to sink in before I institutionally threw him off of me in surprise.

The experience is not necessarily something worth revisiting, but to say it took place is a point of whiskered interest in itself.

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