Day 300: Find peace at Piece

June 29, 2011 § Leave a comment

Have you ever recommended a restaurant to people that you’ve never been to? It’s sort of like putting Photoshop on your resume or saying “Yes” when people ask if you’ve lost weight.

After stumbling upon the website of Piece Pizzeria and Brewery (off of North Avenue in Wicker Park) back in January, I instantly became a fan. Something about microbrew and artisan pizza reminded me of home, and I started recommending it to anyone who would listen, even though I had no tangible proof it was any good. Well tonight I was finally validated.

We started with a bitter beer, artichoke dip and a pizza the size of Kelsey Grammer’s forehead.

There were very little leftovers. It’s more like New York-style pizza then the traditional Chicago deep dish, but tangy sauce and crispy thin crust compensate for lack of physical depth (though if I tugged too hard, the toppings had a tendency to slide off). Between a Flat Iron Stout, the pizza and the open atmosphere, I finally have a point of reference for my future – and there most certainly will be future – recommendations.


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