Day 296: Hate Chicago drivers

June 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

I’ve spoken briefly of the utter incompetence of the Chicago driver in previous posts, but tonight’s midnight trip to Midway Airport only solidifies my disdain.

Two incidents:

  1. We’re behind a short bus on a one lane road. As it rolls to a halt at a stop sign – which is not a bus stop – a guy runs up to the door and pounds on it to be let in. After the bus driver grants him access, we can see through the window that the guy spends a good three minutes fishing through his pockets for change. Finally he pays and goes to his seat, but the bus remains idle. By this time there is a train of 10 cars behind us. After about four minutes, I somehow manage to squeeze around it, only to discover the 50-something-year-old driver is looking down at his lap texting.
  2. As we  hit 55 off of Lake Shore Drive, we’re suddenly bombarded by traffic. Selfish motorists peel out of one lane just to cut back into it eight cars later. It’s 11:55 on a Friday night and we’re stuck in a traffic jam. And any detours would take us on a night ride through the South Side. If this were a Jeopardy question, I think the answer would be: What is life in a metropolis? If this were a game of Scrabble and TRAFFIC was my first word, I’d have 57 points with a Triple Word Score and a Double Letter Score on the F. If I were less easily angered my Chicago drivers, I would probably be asleep right now instead of venting online at 3am.

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