Day 293: Come home to a clean apartment

June 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

Stephanie scraped that handfull of furry filth in the above photo out of the vent in our bathroom. I hear that shower humidity-treated dust laced with black mold is going for top dollar on Craigslist.

Today is the first time in nine months – when we first moved in – that our apartment underwent a full cleaning. After having been immersed in college work for the past five years, the fact that she temporarily has absolutely nothing she has to do has spawned some sort of activity withdrawal. So she was literally mopping, sweeping, vacuuming and wiping things down from 9 to 5. And it was much needed.

There were so many food crumbs embedded in the carpet that we’d been wearing slippers around the apartment at all times. But even after a half hour of maneuvering around furniture, the Engelhart community vacuum only sucked up about half the crud because the brush on the spinning mechanism is so thickly wrapped in hair that it has hardly any sucking power. She also had to flip over our lime green floor rug because the exposed surface had turned a baby poop brown. Also, after refolding things in the closet, she found a pair of underwear buried in a shower towel that I’d been missing since November.

So here I sit, my toes finally freed from the slippers and socks in which they’ve been held captive for so long. I hope Steph keeps this keeping busy obsession up – I’ve got my fingers crossed she’ll devote a day cookie baking.


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