Day 288: Join the jazz scene

June 17, 2011 § Leave a comment

If New Orleans is the birthplace of jazz, then Chicago is where it went through puberty.

I’m pretty sure it’s a sin that it took us this long to make it to a real Chicago jazz club. The music is such an integral part of the city, which has produced greats from Bud Freeman to Benny Goodman. But tonight we experienced some real melodic action at Andy’s Jazz Club.

For the most part, the place seems to attract an older crowd. We were the youngest customers by at least ten years. The lighting was dim and the bar had a soothing vibe. We sipped Manhattans (which seemed jazzy), while the Pat Mallinger Quartet set up. That saxaphone player must have lungs of stainless steel, because he played through two hour-long sets that were both frenzied and fantastic.

I was surprised at the number of people who were at the club alone. We had chosen it as a place to meet up with some friends and socialize, but hadn’t realized it would have such a serious tone, and how somber the rest of the patrons would be. Definitely a place for musicophiles, and probably not the best place to hold a social gathering.

I’d like to spend the summer visiting some of the other musical hotspots around the city. More to come.


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