Day 286: Decoupage the Northwestern Rock

June 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

What’s pink and yellow and purple all over?

After tonight, the Northwestern Rock. Here’s a bit on its history from the NU website:

The Rock is one of Northwestern’s best-known landmarks, a huge chunk of stone set in a plaza in the middle of campus. Painting the Rock with colorful (in both senses of the word) slogans is perhaps Northwestern’s best-known tradition. But even before the first permanent coat of pigment was slapped on in 1957, the campus landmark was more than a lopsided block of stone. The purple-and-white quartzite boulder dates from hundreds of millions of years ago and was transplanted from Devil’s Lake, Wisconsin as a gift of the class of 1902. Now, students must “guard” the Rock for 24 hours before they have the privilege of painting it.

As a sort of “last hurrah” before graduation, Stephanie and her design friends decided that instead of painting the Rock, they would show off their aesthetic prowess by decoupaging it with the vast number of Post-It Notes they had accumulated over 3 quarters of brainstorming sessions. They were nice enough to allow me to join in the process. We started by priming the Rock with a layer of wallpaper glue, then stuck on the Post-It Notes and painted over them.


Three hours well spent, I’d say. To see a live feed of the Rock from the WildCam, go here.

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