Day 275: Be mummified

June 5, 2011 § 1 Comment

No literal mummifying took place. No embalming or cadavers were involved. But let me tell you, being encased in Saran wrap is all fun and games until it becomes terrifying.

That’s what I learned after having Steph bundle my body like leftover potato salad. A friend of mine suggested it, telling me that I’d find the sensation unnerving. At first it was funny, but I quickly realized that it’s far easier to tear Saran wrap than it is to stretch it to a breaking point. I was pretty much incapacitated, and that was not a pleasant feeling. I hope this experience doesn’t stimulate nightmares of being buried alive.

Stephanie, however, found it quite humorous, and didn’t hesitate to take advantage of my situation by drawing a smiling daisy on my chest in Sharpie.

After much struggling, I was able to break free. Here are the play-by-play photos:

Also, the sweat.

As you may imagine, Saran wrap is an excellent insulator. I made the mistake of showering right before getting wrapped up, and found myself requiring further bathing.

In conclusion, now I know how Olivia Newton John felt in the last scene of Grease.

Out of concern for the environment, I tried to convince Stephanie that we should conserve the moist wrap and save it for future food scraps. I was unsuccessful.

Clearly someone lacks a conscience for Mother Earth.


§ One Response to Day 275: Be mummified

  • jess says:

    Your fiance must love you. It’s like having her own personal guinea pig for any weird idea that comes up. I might need to go find one of those myself….

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