Day 263: Stick my head through a $450 fan

May 24, 2011 § 3 Comments

There seems to be  a trend in which Stephanie does nice things for people and I reap the benefits.

Take, for instance, Day 103: Date a hero and win free pants. Or that beautiful space-age device in the above photo that now graces our living room.

It’s a Dyson Air Multiplier – a fancy name for fan – and it costs $450. It works by having a brushless electric motor in the base blow air up into the ring, which then shoots it out through a channel shaped like an air foil.

Steph got it as a gift after volunteering at a kid’s design competition sponsored by Sir James Dyson and the Dyson Foundation. You may know Sir James as the smooth-talking British guy from the commercials for the Dyson Ball – the vacuum with a giant yellow ball that allows it to move freely around obstacles on your living room floor.

Apparently he is a god in the design community, and held the competition to launch the Dyson Foundation in the U.S. In the competition, students were asked to redesign an everyday object. In the following video, Steph can be seen mentoring her team on their redesign of a school binder:

One of the most expensive possessions we own is now a fan. It costs more than my guitar.

It will be a hassle shipping it to Cincinnati, but until the novelty of sticking my limbs through it wears off, I’ll continue to enjoy our completely unnecessary new toy.


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