Day 262: Eat sand

May 23, 2011 § 1 Comment

Today the weather was actually nice enough to enjoy the beach of Lake Michigan. I’ve been to the Oregon Coast a million times, but I’ve never been to a lake that is big enough to have it’s own beach.

The Oregon Coast is gorgeous, but not exactly visitor-friendly. The sand is cold, the water is cold, it’s full of dead seagulls. The Lake Michigan Beach, however, was perfect. At first. The sand was warm, the sun was shining. We brought some homework, laid out a sheet and tried to relax. Then the wind came.

Native Chicagoans will tell you with a roll of their eyes that Chicago is called the Windy City because it has a history of corrupt politics, NOT because of the weather. But their eye rolls are unwarranted, because no matter the actual origin, the city is very very very very windy.

Within minutes of laying down, Steph and I were hit by a tidal wave of sand – in every pore, in every orifice. I tried sitting with my back to the wind, leaning over, using Stephanie as a human shield. Nothing worked. Then it started to rain.

Over the lake: blue sky. Over the beach: storm clouds. Over Tyler: On the surface, a layer of sand that I would be picking out of my ears for the next half hour. On the inside, a layer of anger for Chicago’s ridiculous weather patterns.

And then on the way home we saw this:

The City of Chicago really needs to update their construction signs.


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