Day 258: Conduct nasal irrigation

May 19, 2011 § Leave a comment

Nasal irrigation, also known as nose douching, is the practice of rinsing out your sinuses to evacuate excess mucus.

Because spring is slowly arriving in Chicago and my allergies are beginning to kick in, I decided to give sinus rinsing a shot and bought a kit at CVS.

You begin by boiling a cup of water it in the microwave so that it becomes sterile, then let it cool to a reasonable temperature. I almost skipped the cooling part on accident, and Stephanie narrowly saved me from singing my nostrils. After it cools, you pour in a little packet of cleanser, shake up the bottle, then stick your head over a sink and shoot the water up your nose.

I’m sorry the following video is so gross. When I originally decided to film my nasal irrigation, I failed to take into account how inherently disgusting the process is. For the sake of my readers, I only posted the video from one nostril. The video is also pretty shaky because Steph was laughing. So buckle up:

And now I have a squeaky clean nasal cavity.


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