Day 257: Meditate

May 18, 2011 § 1 Comment

Graduate school breeds stress. Or maybe Tyler breeds stress.

I’m not sure which adage is more appropriate, but regardless, I think it’s safe to say that I operate best in a state of constant anxiety.

There are some benefits to being acutely aware of how every minute thing will affect your standing in the cosmos. Obsessive list making, for example. Is it worth the panic attacks and late night marathon viewings of Seinfeld in order to relax my nerves? Perhaps.

Regardless, I decided to ease my anxiety this evening by attempting meditation.

I used this video to educate myself on the proper way to meditate:

Per the video, I took five minutes to sit Native American-style on a patch of grass on my way home from the gym to attempt to focus my thoughts. According to the video, if you are doing it correctly then giant plaid marbles will orbit your head. Unfortunately, I saw no such marbles, so it looks like my attempt to get in touch with the cosmos was not exactly a success.

I really tried to empty my mind, but my brain was far too active to even consider a five minute vacation. The following is my stream of consciousness during the short period of meditation:

Man it’s cold out here…cold…Alaska. Sarah Palin…Tina Fey…man, Saturday Night Live was not funny at all last week. Saturday Night Live…Saturdays…I really wish it was the weekend. The weekend…Friday…Rebecca Black. Geez, that rumor going around that Rebecca Black was pregnant was ridiculous…pregnancy…pickles. Why do pregnant women always crave pickles?…food cravings…ice cream. I want ice cream.

Then I went to Cold Stone. If meditation always ends that way, I think I’m better off opting out. After all, stress is a necessary motivator for our generation, right?


§ One Response to Day 257: Meditate

  • Micco Wu says:

    Wow, I has been talking to my best friend about meditation for hours last night (of course we talk about a lot of else things too), he had taken some meditation courses and he said the best thing he learned is how to know your thinking/emotion model better so you can control yourself, like you can calm down much sooner or get rid of upset by “controlling yourself”. XD

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