Day 248: Publish a front page story

May 9, 2011 § 1 Comment


  • My drawing/coloring skills have not improved since the 3rd grade.
  • I apparently have a problem drawing things proportionally (i.e. Mt. Hood vs. me).
  • It was not intentional that my mother looks like my little sister. She would opt for death over wearing a dress like that.
  • Brave is not checked because my mother is deathly afraid of spiders and freeways.
  • Craftsy is not checked because the only class my mother ever got a C in was Home Ec. Not much has changed since those days.
  • Wise is not checked because I thought that made her sound old, like Socrates or Gandalf, which I didn’t think she would appreciate.

Happy Mother’s Day 2011.


§ One Response to Day 248: Publish a front page story

  • Kim says:

    As sweet as this is, I want to clarify a few things… I’m wondering if making rum cake is the only thing I am/was good for?? I do fear big spiders, but I don’t fear all freeways, just certain ones. The only reason I got a C in Home Ec was because I couldn’t sew, not because I couldn’t cook, although I was actually pretty darn good at latch hook rugs. (I don’t think you wanted me to sew your clothes anyway.) I am ok with not being considered wise, as you did check me as smart. :] Luv ya

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