Day 246: Party at the Museum of Contemporary Art

May 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

Nothing makes you question the legitimacy of art museums like modern art.

Don’t get me wrong – for my money modern art exhibits are often the most entertaining floor of the art museum. It’s just that some of the stuff really makes you wonder whether the artist has any talent, or whether their step dad happened to be an art critic.

Tonight Stephanie and I attended an event at Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art called First Fridays. For $13 we got into this giant party in the museum lobby with free appetizers, a live DJ, cash bar, and admission to the museum. It was the place to be on a Friday night for a very eclectic assortment of people. There were hipsters, art gurus, middle-aged men in Ed Hardy t-shirts trying to attract younger women, middle-aged women in cleavage bearing dresses trying to attract younger men, and Stephanie and I.

We had a drink and cruised the appetizer buffet of fried finger food a few times before exploring the museum.

The following is some of the artwork we saw:

A statue of the Pink Panther making love to a mermaid.

A sculpture of a head made from garbage. It’s difficult to see, but if you look closely you’ll notice real human teeth in its mouth.

Other interesting works not pictured:

  • A rubber band glued to a canvas that was actually a rubber band painted on a canvas.
  • Blurred stills from pornographic films.
  • A guy who painted portraits of all his German friends.
  • A performance art movie from the 70s of people submerged in mud. They were able to breath through long hoses  connected to masks on one end and flutes on the other. The flutes would make noise as the submerged people exhaled.
  • LOTS of nudity.

MORAL: Modern art – always worth a look, but don’t bring your kids.


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