Day 243: Buy a Playboy magazine

May 4, 2011 § Leave a comment

Today I actually bought a Playboy for the articles.

The set up for this post should be, “You know you’re a journalism student when…”

I have a professor who was a former editor for Playboy. While there, he interviewed Robin Williams, Willie Nelson and Cher. Today he returned a graded copy of a humorous travel piece I wrote about our recent trip to Cincinnati, and told me that I had a Playboy-esque tone in my writing.

He suggested I get acquainted with the types of articles they run so I could send them a query letter. See if they would be interested in buying my story.

So, like a good journalist, I did my homework. I went to Barnes and Noble and stealthily plucked the cellophane-wrapped magazine from its hiding place buried on the back shelf. At the counter, I told the clerk I was buying it for a class. He told me that an 85-year-old woman regularly comes in to buy the most recent issue. For the articles.

Which are all really good, by the way. In the May issue: An interview with Barney Frank and another with Ed Helms. A 2011 baseball preview. An article about the uprising in Egypt, and a humor piece by comedian Demetri Martin.

Surprisingly, I found myself jumping over the Centerfold to read the end of a short profile on San Francisco Giants pitcher Tim Lincecum.

Who knows. Maybe I have a future at Playboy as a contributing writer. Stephanie even says she would let me put the magazine out on our coffee table. But only after she cuts out all the Bunnies.

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