Day 240: Ride the Skokie Swift

May 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

This ride was not intentional.

Maybe I was feeling disoriented and disheveled because a source had just told me I needed a haircut. Maybe it was because I was engrossed in a podcast. Or maybe it was because I had been stuck riding backward on the Red Line for the past 45 minutes, and was now feeling pretty nauseous.

Whatever the reason, I apparently wasn’t paying close attention when I changed trains at the Howard station, and accidentally climbed on the Yellow Line instead of the Purple Line. it wasn’t until I started passing unfamiliar baseball fields and desolate impound lots that I realized I’d made a mistake and was on a winding one-way trip to the sultan of all suburbs: Skokie, Illinois.

Alright, so the trip wasn’t one-way. But it was really inconvenient.

Use the above map for reference. I was supposed to ride from Howard to Foster. Instead, I rode from Howard to Skokie to Howard to Foster. On a train full of giggling high schoolers eating animal crackers and a little old man testing ring tones.

Clearly I’m still fostering some anger. Or maybe I really just need a haircut.

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