Day 236: Discover my celebrity look-alike

April 27, 2011 § 5 Comments

Everybody gets told they look like one celebrity or another at some point in their lives. Some people will even get the same person over and over again. For instance, Stephanie has been told at least 15 times that she looks like the former pop singer Mandy Moore.

There are a few I get compared to on a regular basis, though not quite so flattering.

The first is John Cusack. I don’t really see this comparison, and considering that he has been making movies for so long, I feel like it could be a positive or a negative depending on the period of his life you’re referring to. For instance, in pictures I’ve seen of him lately, he’s gotten pretty chubby.

The second is Edward Norton. Not half bad.

The third and final one is Haley Joel Osment. I’m not going to lie, this one is a little bit devastating to my self-confidence. Yes, that is the kid from The Sixth Sense, and no, he’s not cute anymore. I don’t think he’s starred in a movie since 2003’s Second Hand Lions, during which he was fighting a fierce battle with puberty – a battle he ultimately lost.

Tonight, to get some sort of definitive answer, I decided to upload my photo into the Celebrity Match site I went with this picture:

Here were the results:


Ben Affleck?!

and that guy from the O.C.

I’m pretty sure all that we can conclude from this exercise is that “generate your celebrity look-alike” websites suck. Unless you want to tell me that I do sort of look like Ben Affleck. In which case I won’t argue with you.


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