Day 233: Cartoonize my life

April 24, 2011 § Leave a comment

Today I stumbled across this thoroughly entertaining website that turns your pictures into cartoons. So, with all those anniversary flashback episodes of TV shows going on lately, I decided to use the opportunity to revisit some of the more entertaining photos from past posts.

Day 178: Brew Beer. This one makes me look muscular. I approve.

Day 132: Exfoliate. I didn’t think it was possible to make this photo any more creepy. I’m two degrees from the Joker.

Day 191: Be Chi-rish for a day. This one makes us look like Joan Rivers and Michael Jackson respectively.

Day 101: Sacrifice my girlfriend for the reservoir. Who knew that sadness could be conveyed so clearly in a cartoon?

Day 163: Get lucky. Maybe if people sexted cartoons the world would be a better place.

Day 210: Be denied my rights. The app didn’t know how to handle my chubby license face so it blurred it all into one pigment.

Day 40: Watch an episode of Jersey Shore. Hm. Can hardly even tell this one is a cartoon. Maybe Jersey Shore is actually animated.

Day 225: Botch a self-portrait. Notice how it emphasizes the teeth and mustache. I look like a rabbit.

And finally, Day 226: Read the longest book in the world. My favorite. Gotta dig the cartoonized nipple and chest hair.


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