Day 232: Go to a dueling piano bar

April 23, 2011 § Leave a comment

From Lady Gaga to “Build Me Up Buttercup,” if I learned one thing tonight it’s that a piano bar with a wide repertoire of songs can can attract an audience of all ages.

The bar, called Howl at the Moon, is downtown at Hubbard and State. A few of my friends were having a birthday party, and it was certainly the place to be. There were at least three or four bachelorette parties taking place, and the drunken brides-to-be had no qualms about stumbling on stage and shakin’ it.

Any bar that can draw such a diverse crowd must be making pretty good money. There were quite a few young people, but there were also middle-aged moms and balding men with graying mustaches wherever I turned. At one point they called Dennis up to the stage, who was having his 40th birthday, and a sign near one bar read, “Happy 60th birthday Mark!” My mom and grandma could have both been in the crowd (both of whom would’ve loved this place, by the way) and none of us would’ve felt out of place.

And the musicians were talented. I mean, to be able to play songs spanning five decades, you have to have a pretty phenomenal memory. The pianists, who played at big pianos that faced each other, had fingers that seemed to flit across the keys. They had a couple of those guitar/keyboard combos, and at one point even brought out a fiddle player.

The only downside was that they refused to take our request for Rebecca Black’s “Friday.” If you have yet to hear this catchy, nightmarish, lyrically handicapped tune and are interested in getting it stuck in your head for the next week and a half, you can see it here:

That’s all right. We were too busy – in the words of RB – “partyin’ partyin’ (yeah)!”


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