Day 230: Drive to O’Hare with my eyes closed

April 21, 2011 § 1 Comment

So maybe my eyes weren’t closed the entire time.

But after driving to the airport as much as I have in the past month, I’m itching to try it.

Today I picked up my buddy, Scott, from O’Hare. He’s the last of a string of visitors we’ve had through March and April. They’ve all been great, but I am now way way too familiar with the route to the airport.

Here are the stats:

  • 8 guests
  • 14 passes through a toll
  • $12.60 in toll fees (You may have heard about my tumultuous relationship with tollbooths from Day 186: Violate a tollway)
  • 1 stop at Terminal 1, 4 stops at Terminal 2, 2 stops at Terminal 3

The drive itself is generally unpleasant.

It provides absolutely no view of Chicago. There is no downtown skyline on the horizon, thanks to Illinois’ lack of even the most gentle incline. Instead, there is a lot of concrete and ranch-style homes. You pass through the bland and somewhat dismal suburbs of Niles, Morton Grove, and Skokie before reaching Evanston. Things I find myself often pointing out to guests include:

  • The 6″ deep potholes created by snowplows
  • The incompetence and irritating honking of Chicago drivers
  • The miracle that is Dunkin’ Donuts/Baskin-Robbins combo stores
  • The fact that Skokie has the highest number of Holocaust survivors per capita of any city in the U.S.
  • The ethnic grocery stores that represent international cuisine from around the globe
  • Roadkill

At least in Cincinnati I’ll get to drive guests over a river.


§ One Response to Day 230: Drive to O’Hare with my eyes closed

  • Kim says:

    I seem to remember a lot of used car lots along that stretch of road too. It reminded me of the lovely 82nd Ave. in Portland.

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