Day 221: Experience the placebo effect

April 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve been deceived.

I’ve admitted time and again that I’m a coffee fiend. A few weeks ago I bought some  from Target. I’m a fan of Archer Farms – Target’s store brand – and the House Blend I purchased didn’t let me down. Smelled slightly burned and chocolaty and tasted like Heaven. I’d drink it in the mornings and sometimes in the evenings when I needed a boost.

Tonight I made 20oz and buckled down for a long night of homework. Only an hour in, however, I started to feel drowsy. This is not how caffeine is supposed to function. It was then that Stephanie told me she had a secret. She went to the refrigerator, pulled out the coffee bag and showed me where on the label it said DECAFFEINATED.

Apparently she had known for over a week but had let me remain ignorant. So she laughed quietly to herself while every day I sipped the dark brew and felt energized for the day.

For weeks I was just drinking flavored water. What a disappointment.


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