Day 220: Survive a Chicago winter

April 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

Today I emerged from my hole in Engelhart to 80 degree heat and, like a Spring-bound groundhog, did not see my shadow. Which means…


We made it through this miserable winter. The worst, I’ve heard, that Chicago had seen in at least 30 years. How lucky am I to have been here for such a memorable year? Some higher power with a very poor sense of humor must have said, “Well, he’ll only be here for winter once. Let’s show him what we’ve got.”

We can trace my transition from initial naivete to frozen stupor in some old posts:

But today I wore shorts. And even though there are severe thunderstorms a-brewin’ outside my window right now, and even though it is supposed to drop 30 degrees tomorrow, and even though snow – that satanic spawn – is by some mess of nature in the forecast for next weekend, I will declare winter officially over.

Because folks, I’m tired of the cold. So tired. So, so tired.



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