Day 219: Eat ice cream made with liquid nitrogen

April 10, 2011 § Leave a comment

And here you probably thought ice cream couldn’t get any better.

Today we took my mom and grandma to Wicker Park to browse the boutiques. While there, we made a point of stopping by the joint pictured above, Icream, which had been recommended to Stephanie by a friend.

Here’s how it works: First you choose what flavor of ice cream you want. They have some normal ones like strawberry, coffee, chocolate and so on, but also have some more exotic ones, such as cayenne, ginger and curry.  Then you choose what you want mixed in, with such bizarre options as cream cheese. They pour some cream base in a cup and dump in your mix-ins, then take a bottle down from some shelves on the wall that wouldn’t look out of place in a chemistry lab and extract your flavor from the bottle with the syringe. They squirt the flavor in the cup so it’s floating in the base with your other goodies, then dump the cup into a Kitchen Aid mixer that is rigged to a liquid nitrogen pump. The mixer begins to blend it while the nitrogen is simultaneously freezing it, and smoke pours of of the mixer like you’re at a rock concert. Next thing you know, it’s ice cream.

Stephanie and I shared a cup of ginger pomegranate with blackberries. To be honest, the flavor wasn’t all that strong but the texture was interesting. My grandma ordered pomegranate pear ice cream, which tasted better than ours. That was alright, I think the point of going to Icream is more about the experience of seeing your ice cream instantly frozen right in front of you. I can see us coming back again next time we come to Wicker Park.

It was also our first time shopping in Wicker Park. Interesting things we stumbled across while browsing included:

Designer condoms


Paintings of Victorian women with bird heads.

Every day something new. Keep ’em coming Chicago.


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