Day 218: Drink my way through the Loop

April 9, 2011 § 1 Comment

Today I went on a coffee/tea crawl in the Loop.

It was not nearly as much fun as a pub crawl, though far more memorable (meaning I can actually remember it).

My mom and grandma are in town and they wanted to go on a bus tour of the city. I accompanied them downtown and dropped them off at the tour’s starting location, the Palmer House Hotel, then figured I’d go do some homework at a coffee shop. The tour was four hours long, which for those of you with little knowledge of math or outdated pop culture, is one third longer than the tour the passengers on “Gilligan’s Island” were supposed to take.

That’s a long time to spend sitting in just one coffee shop. Once I’ve been in a place too long I feel awkward, like the staff is watching me and waiting for me to leave. So I decided to make a game of the afternoon and bounce around from one place to another. I ordered a large drink at each store and left as soon as I finished. Productivity was down, but my feeling of satisfaction was up.

However, for the rest of the evening I could go no more than 20 minutes between bathroom breaks.

On one last note, I’d like to relate an exhibit I saw at the Chicago Cultural Center and ask for some assistance with something. The exhibit is called Women, Sex and Violence, and had a number of disturbing visuals. I realize this is a heavy topic and certainly respect the gravity of the exhibit, but there was a particular piece that surpassed my understanding. Perhaps you can help.

On one of the walls was a looping video on a large flat screen TV of a woman with medium length brown hair. She had it brushed down over her face, was topless, and held a human skull in her hands which she repeatedly beat against her breast bone.

Any artsy types out there who can provide an interpretation?


Confounded in Cook County


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