Day 210: Be denied my rights

April 1, 2011 § 1 Comment

Today we went to the store to buy the typical grocery staples.

Our cart was filled with laundry detergent, spinach, eggs, orange juice, apples and a 12 pack of beer. The cashier checked all of our items, then asked to see my ID for the alcohol.

At this store there is a sign up that says they won’t accept vertical IDs. In some states, vertical IDs are issued to individuals who are not yet 21 so that the orientation of the ID is a quick visual indication that the possessor is not old enough to drink alcohol. Stephanie even has a 26-year-old friend who has not been able to buy alcohol from the grocery store because he still has a vertical ID.

Oregon does not issue vertical licences, or at least it didn’t when I received mine seven years ago. Yet after looking at my ID, the cashier refused to sell me alcohol. Take a second to admire the awkwardly unflattering photo of the 16-year-old in my above ID. Do you see where it says in yellow, “Under 21 until 11-11-2009”? Because my ID contained the words “Under 21” somewhere on it, even though the words were there for the explicit purpose of showing that I was older than 21, the cashier said she was not allowed to sell me beer.

This rule made absolutely no sense, and when she scanned the barcode on my ID it even rang up as “Verified” that I was of age, yet she insisted it was a mistake and that it was store policy to deny me the sale. The people in line behind us were starting to get annoyed and I really didn’t care that much, so I told her to forget it, grabbed the bags of spinach and laundry detergent and headed for the car.

I find it frustrating when people follow rules for the sake of following rules, without considering the purpose behind them.  It leads to ignorance, as people then rely too heavily on these rules and don’t bother to logically work out the reason for why such a rule exists in the first place.

I’m not anti-establishment, I’m just pro-thought.


§ One Response to Day 210: Be denied my rights

  • Kim says:

    That picture is awful and doesn’t look like you at all! Maybe that is why she wouldn’t let you buy the beer… she just didn’t like your picture. 🙂

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