Day 207: Do my own taxes

March 29, 2011 § Leave a comment

I finally scored a refund.

Believe it or not, doing my own taxes is something new to me.

When tax season rolls around, my dad tends to get in a groove and I just let him grab my W-2’s and rock’n’roll. But this year Stephanie, who knows how to do her own taxes like a grown up, bought a copy of TurboTax from Costco and so I could crunch the numbers.

Although to be honest, not a whole lot of crunching is involved when you use TurboTax. I’d compare it to somebody holding your hand and helping you gently tiptoe through a field of cacti. It’s the symbolic idea that is important. It represents my financial independence which, though terrifying, is still something I’m proud of.

I’m excited about the $2,665 I’m getting as a return, but that excitement is greatly diminished when I consider that the only reason I’m getting this much back is because I paid $26,000 in tuition over the past six months.

So, I’m sure that in future years I’ll slam my head against the keyboard and scream, “To hell with taxes” like everyone else, but for now I’m content to thank the IRS and curse rising tuition costs.


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