Day 205: Enter the funhouse maze

March 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

I’m feeling a little nauseous this evening.

That’s because I was shaken around by the funhouse maze at Navy Pier, which I went through with Stephanie’s brother, Kevin.

A picture of us in a funhouse mirror.

The funhouse is located at the far end of the pier, right between the studios of Chicago Public Radio WBEZ 91.5 and the Smith Museum of Stained Glass Windows.

(On a side note, WBEZ produces such prominent NPR shows as “This American Life” and “Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me.”)

It was a beautiful night on the pier as we entered the maze. It was frigid outside but the sky was clear and the city lights were sparkling.

I’m pretty sure it was late enough that we were the only ones in the entire maze, which started with a supposed elevator failure that dropped us 40 stories below the streets of Chicago. Despite the fact that there were no harnesses or anything, the situation was reminiscent of the Tower of Terror in Disneyland and I gripped the side rail a little too quickly when the elevator started to wobble. Kevin found this quite funny, but after we entered the dark maze, he immediately walked into a mirror and jammed his finger.

Together we found the exit, which led us into a hall of inflatable walls that closed in as we passed through, and entered a room full of dangling punching bags. We kung-fu’d our way to the other side,  into a spinning hall of stars that led to a Twilight Zone-esque door.

I know this room wasn’t actually turning us upside down, but whatever it was doing, it made me dizzy and nauseous. As soon as we made it out, Kevin somehow found a way to double-back and go through it again, and this time I was so disoriented I fell over.

At the end of the maze was a zombie-looking mannequin that had fake vomit spurting out of its mouth into a garbage can. Perhaps a little graphic for a kid’s maze, but I could relate.


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