Day 203: Win a game of chess

March 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

I had never won a game of chess until tonight.

In the past I was terrible. I hardly knew what the pieces did, let alone how to put together a cohesive strategy. But tonight, I came out of three years retirement to sweep three games in a row.

My opponent was ten years old. It was Stephanie’s little brother, Kevin, who is visiting this weekend with his parents.

However, don’t let his age fool you. It was an intense three games.  He is incredible crafty, and each match came down to the wire. He’s also in the Sunnyside Elementary Chess Club, so he knows his stuff and has had a lot of practice. Quite a few of his moves took me by surprise, but I was able to recover quickly. In one of the games I only won by chasing his king around with pawns until I had it cornered.

Following chess, he promptly whooped me in a series of math games, so my pride at winning was short-lived. Smart kid – he found my weakness and exploited it. From now on I’m just going to stick with my strengths.

Checkers anyone?



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