Day 199: Provide a peep show for the TSA

March 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

Today a stranger saw me naked.

That’s because the Cincinnati/Northern-Kentucky Airport, while being too small for even a Starbucks, did see fit to have one of those full-body scanners installed at the security check. So when I walked through security today, somewhere there was some old man with a thick beard and glasses making sure that there were no explosive devices or sharp objects hidden in my business.

I know a lot of people find this controversial, but I didn’t feel particularly violated. The body scanners are not like the baggage scan where the TSA agent who looks at the xrays is sitting at a computer right next to you. Whoever is playing Peeping Tom is at a computer somewhere else in the airport, only looking at xrays and thus not able to associate anything he or she sees with what the person really looks like.

So I didn’t mind skipping on through. Stephanie tells me I need to have more shame.

I was also stopped during the baggage scan because I left a small bottle of shampoo in my bag instead of placing it a plastic bin for inspection. The agent had to pull it out and take it into a back room to have it tested. I found it interesting that the security was significantly more stringent at the Cincinnati/Northern-Kentucky Airport than it was at O’Hare.

I might have been a bit rude to the TSA agent who thought my shampoo was nitroglycerin. I mean, he was only doing his job. I blame it on the fact that I was woken up twice in the early morning hours. First,  the person in the hotel room next to us was blasting Lady Gaga from 4am to 5am loud enough that the wall reverberated (though Steph slept through it like a log). Second,  a band was playing Louie Louie in the street at 7:00am. Apparently a marathon was taking place:

What can I say – in Ohio, no rest for the weary.


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