Day 197: Visit Cincy

March 18, 2011 § 1 Comment

The above picture is a view of Fountain Square, the center of downtown Cincinnati, from our hotel room in the Westin.

You might remember that on Day 164 Stephanie was offered a job from Procter and Gamble in Cincinnati. Well, in order to sell me on the city, P&G flew us out here for the weekend, all expenses paid, so I could see if I found it palatable. The flight was only 50 minutes, but our little puddle-jumper hit some turbulence and I felt like I was going to die.

There were thunderstorms when we landed in Kentucky, which is right across the border from Cincinnati.

Cincy is definitely greener and more hilly than Chicago, but that’s not saying much. It stands along a river like Portland, but the way the downtown area angles down toward the waterfront reminds me more of Seattle.

An alumni from Steph’s design program at Northwestern that now works for P&G took us out to dinner at a restaurant called “The Rookwood” on Mt. Adams, which is supposedly the hip part of town. The Rookwood used to be a pottery manufacturing building, and now you can eat dinner at tables inside of the giant kilns. I found that to be a little bit morbid, but the food was good.

Steph had frog legs and waffles with jalapeno maple syrup (bizarre, right?), and I had rabbit ragu. While perhaps not our typical meals of choice, they were both quite tasty. While we ate, I made the recruiter tell me why P&G would be a good fit for Steph. I grilled him a bit, but I didn’t want him to think we were so easily wooed.

We then went back to the recruiter’s loft and drank some Argentinian wine. I’m currently sitting in the Westin’s trademark “Heavenly Bed,” still a little buzzed on the wine. I’m thinking I can live like this.


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