Day 194: Be hit by a moving vehicle

March 16, 2011 § Leave a comment

As I was emerging from the laundry room in our basement this evening, I was blind-sided by a little girl on a Razor scooter. She knocked the bottle of Tide right out of my hands.

She was only five or six, but don’t be fooled by her innocence. She had the eyes of a demon. She didn’t even apologize.

I admit that those tile floors are slippery, but I think it’s entirely possible that she was targeting me. I played it cool like it wasn’t a big deal. Sucked it up like man. But to be honest, it hurt a little bit.

I remember riding my Razor scooter around the neighborhood when I was younger. On occasion I was stupid enough to ride it in sandals and would accidentally swing the metal base into my ankle, after which I would howl in pain and limp for home because I was a little sissy.

So times have changed a bit since then. Right now I’m okay, but only time will tell what sort of whiplash after effects I may experience. That five year old may be hearing from my lawyer.



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