Day 188: Finish Thanksgiving

March 10, 2011 § Leave a comment

Without leftovers I’d starve.

During the week, Steph and I rarely have time to eat meals together and when we do we’re often too tired to cook anything complicated. It doesn’t help that I can’t make anything more complex than scrambled eggs without burning it, undercooking it, oversalting it and/or making it soggy.

That’s why on weekends we cook meals large enough for a family of five, then put the leftovers into tupperware and plastic baggies for later. Well, yesterday I found some leftovers from last Thanksgiving in the back of the freezer, and have been eating them for lunch the past two days.

The food in the above photo may appear indistinguishable, but be assured that it’s turkey. I also found a bag of what I’m pretty sure was stuffing with Italian sausage. I even bought a can of cranberry sauce from 7-11 to complete the lunch package.

When I was eating in the newsroom today it actually smelled pretty delicious and drew over a couple of hungry onlookers. However, after they realized I was eating four-month-old meat,  they quickly lost their appetite.

Well it tasted great to me and I haven’t yet been hit with constipation, so I, for one, am thankful for leftovers.



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