Day 182: Get a perfect score

March 4, 2011 § Leave a comment

Well, I can’t do something substantial every day.

Seinfeld is my absolute favorite show of all time, and tonight I aced the trivia quiz on their website. It asked me questions like “Jerry is thrown into this illegal operation by Kramer’s friend Brody” (Video Piracy), “Jerry’s image appears in this Japanese comedy” (The Super Terrific Happy Hour), and “This is where George takes naps while working for the Yankees” (Under his desk).

I have watched enough of this show to go 20 for 20, no problem. I’ll watch episodes over and over again and still laugh at the same jokes. Maybe that’s kind of pathetic, but the ridiculous plots still crack me up. I own all nine seasons on DVD and often play them while I’m working on homework for some soothing background noise.

What’s my favorite episode, you ask? The 14th episode of the 5th season, which is called “The Marine Biologist.” In it George fakes being a marine biologist in order to impress a woman, and then is called on to save a beached whale while they’re on a date at the beach. I tell you, every line is pure gold, and when George starts his monologue with “The sea was angry that day, my friends,” and raises up that Titleist I nearly fall off of the couch laughing every time.

From the soup Nazi to man hands to the manzier to the urban sombrero, Seinfeld is timeless, and for my money will never be equaled.

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