Day 178: Brew beer

February 28, 2011 § Leave a comment

Today I finally crossed something off the Novice du Jour list that has been there since day one: make homemade beer.

Steph and I bought the equipment at a really cool store in a really shady part of city, then went and joined my friends Chris Bentley and Lauren Biron at Chris’ apartment.

I bought a recipe for English brown ale, and we spent the next five hours going through the whole process: sanitizing, steeping, boiling and hop-sniffing. We drank some local Two Brothers Domaine Dupage while we worked. Chris didn’t have a long enough stewing spoon, so we stirred with a teaspoon. I accidentally dunked my hand in boiling water a couple of times. The malt smelled wonderful, however, and I left with my shirt saturated in the scent.

We are still debating a name, but have determined it is going to be journalism-related. Some of the top contenders include: Final Drought, Deadline, Anonymous Source and Off the Record. We’ll bottle next weekend, then make up some labels.

The bottles will sit for 2 or 3 weeks, after which we will hold a sampling party. I hope it’s good – my dream of some day retiring and opening up a brewery in the Columbia River Gorge depend on it!

Photo Credit: Lauren Biron/MEDILL


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