Day 174: Educate myself on animal dung

February 24, 2011 § Leave a comment

Tonight I stepped in some dog poop. I was initially pretty irritated, but then I became nostalgic.

I remember as a  kid having a book called “Animal Grossology,” that listed all the different words for animal dung. It even had these textured rubber patches that supposedly felt like the real thing.

I have since forgotten the names of the feces of different animals. However, I think it is my duty as an Oregonian and nature-lover to be aware of such things, so I decided that tonight I would educate myself (and you). To be somewhat considerate to those with a sensitive stomach, I made all of the photographs thumbnails instead of uploading them full-sized. My source for this information is the Wikipedia entry for “Feces.”

Deer: Fewmets                         Carpenter ants: Frass

Otter: Spraint                              Earthworms: Casts

Seabears and bats: Guano                 Bears: Scat


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